Herdade da Fonte Coberta develops its activity of producing superior quality wines within a context of continuous improvement, by way of its Food Safety Policy, which aims to raise the level of commitment of its suppliers and employees, so as to obtain products that meet and satisfy customer expectations

Food safety not only concerns everyone, but also depends on everyone. Thus, in this company, Food Safety is every employee's foremost responsibility and results from permanent and collaborative process controls.

In Herdade da Fonte Coberta, Food Safety is ensured by way of full compliance with national and European legislation requirements, in relation to the handling and preparation of food products. In accordance with current legislation, this company has implemented a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system.
To ensure the appropriate management of the quality system we have the collaboration, in a regime of consulting, of the winemaker Eng.º José António Fonseca and also a resident Agronomist (Eng.º Rui Duarte) that, day by day, coordinates and accompanies all work adjacent to the full and and efficient functioning of the winery.